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How to make a film that’s festival-worthy

The festival process can be excruciating. Entry fees, ticket prices, screening blocks that are less than ideal. They can fun, too, and they’re still the marker of what the world considers a quality independent film–although that’s starting to change with the rise of online platforms. How do independent filmmakers create […]


5 ways writing prose will improve your screenwriting

This post won’t just help you become a better screenwriter. It will show you techniques that will make you a better all-around writer, which in turn will make you a better overall storyteller. I have never taken a formal screenwriting class. But I’ve taken plenty of courses in fiction writing […]


7 advantages screenwriting has over literary fiction

Many literary writers say that screenwriting does’t represent real writing. Television carries even less merit in their eyes. I had a creative writing professor in college who would cringe every time I brought up The Sopranos or Breaking Bad, or even The Wire. She represented an anomaly in the creative […]