Check out the crowdfunding campaign for Melvin, a miniseries created/from Ethel England and Joel Bringolf, below.

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From the project’s crowdfunding page:

Melvin is a hilarious, outrageous metaphor for the awkward transition from high school to college. Losing friends, figuring out who you are, and leaving the small town you grew up in are all part of being a recent highschool graduate. 

We meet our two young protagonists on the side of the road. Propped up on Melvin’s car, which also serves as his home, Ella-Louise and Melvin go through a list of possible part-time jobs for Melvin to waste his time on before moving across the country to attend Georgetown in the fall. Almost confessing to something he’s not quite ready to tell his best friend, he calls over an innocent-looking hitchhiker, David, from down the road as a distraction.

Little do he or Ella-Louise know that David will be threatening them at knife point in a matter of moments. This event will catapult them into a feverish race for survival. And to think, they were just worried about college!