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Write one sentence. Fund your film.

Craft and submit one sentence with a compelling premise that also conveys why you need this funding to achieve your vision.

Deadline: March 14th, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST

The contest period is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. Please stay tuned to your email for updates!

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Narrative Contest


Write one sentence describing the premise of your narrative short film and how you’ll use the funding.


Documentary Contest


Write one sentence describing the premise of your documentary short film and how you’ll use the funding.


Answer these two questions for a chance to get up to £7,600 and other prizes to make your film.

  • What’s the premise of your project?

  • How will you use some of the funding to make it happen?

Would you rather spend weeks on a ten page grant application or thirty seconds writing a single pitch sentence? Would you rather spend £74 and submit an entire screenplay to a contest that might not get made, or would you rather spend £25 and write a one-sentence pitch? The Film Fund mimics the minimum viable product approach to product development: create something so simple that can still be used to test your business assumptions. Well, we feel there’s no need to limit that philosophy to what most people consider product development or business. After all, filmmakers produce creative “products” every day. So why not get started on the creative process by starting with a simple sentence?

If you’ve already got a project started for which you’d like to submit for funding, that’s great, too. It’s always a helpful exercise to distill your vision into a simple, easy-to-pitch concept. It’s like an elevator pitch, but way shorter. Trust us, having this sentence will help you when producing your project. It’s like a logline, but it also makes you think about how your use of funding will strengthen your project’s producibility. You can even use The Film Fund for post-production funds for a film you’ve already shot.

The Film Fund offers contests at £25 per submission. You can enter as many times and as many pitches as you’d like. We see different entries in each contest period, so if your sentence didn’t win in the contest period you entered before, if you enter again, it will be judged against different entries. If you were a finalist in a contest run by The Film Fund, we highly recommend you enter again, as there’s a good chance you may place as a finalist again (although there is no guarantee).