But what do I say?

Can you show me an example?

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Real, winning sentences from our winners:

  • A man struggles to understand why each attempt to build the perfect treehouse leaves him staring at an empty tree with no evidence of previous work; the funding will go to creating multiple treehouses.


  • When an undocumented refugee hacker discovers evidence linking a politician to a tragedy on social media, he teams up with a PR director to expose the story; film is shot–need funds to seal the deal.

Hypothetical examples written by our judges:

  • A woman is haunted by a misunderstood psychological condition where she struggles to find joy in even the happiest of situations, and I need the funding for our DP and lighting rentals.


  • When killer crabs attack a small-town hotdog bun factory, only one man can stop all hell from breaking loose, and most of our funding will go to professional crab-wranglers.