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The Film Fund was a great experience. The challenge of only having 200 characters to write a logline and explain what the money would go towards is what drew me to the contest. I thought it was unique and worth a $25 gamble. Turns out, I was right! Upon being lucky enough to be chosen as the winner, the process could not have been smoother. The team was in constant contact and answered every question I had. When filming wrapped, I sent my expense report and received the winnings in a timely manner. I'm thankful for contests like theirs. Without The Film Fund, my short film would not have been made.

<span style="color:#22f4d8">Matthew Greenberg</span>
Matthew Greenberg Received $5,000 to make GREENHOUSE

What Tom and team managed to do is create a funding platform that speaks directly to filmmakers—simple, story-focused and quick. They are filmmakers themselves and know that we all need that little financial boost to get our small stories across the finish line without waiting a year for a decision. My film Americano would not exist without the Film Fund.

<span style="color:#22f4d8">Tim Viola</span>
Tim Viola Received $2,000 to make AMERICANO

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