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    “TREEHOUSE” with The Film Fund.

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  • Tim Viola made

    “AMERICANO” with The Film Fund.

    What will you create?

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Get up to $10,000 to produce your independent short film by writing one sentence.

We've given away over $21,000 to filmmakers to make their shorts. All based on one sentence. 

Why? Our founder, Thomas Verdi, struggled to fund his indie film projects when he first started out. He entered contests and submitted to grants, but he quickly learned that established writers and filmmakers dominated most contests and funding opportunities.

The Film Fund was born out of this frustration with the industry. Contests, grants, and crowdfunding campaigns are great, but there's a simpler to way to fund a film.

We're providing funding up to $10,000 per project for short films in a way that's a lot simpler than screenwriting contests, crowdfunding, or applying to grants, because we're sick of seeing these funding avenues dominated by industry experts.

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How to get funding for your project?

Craft and submit one sentence with a compelling premise that also conveys why you need this funding to achieve your vision. Our judges will choose the best one. Get creative capital to use for the production of a short, or use it as a film finishing fund. See examples here, and enter below.

Write one sentence that (1) describes the premise of your narrative short film and (2) explains how you'll use the funding to complete the film if you're chosen as a winner.

If you enter any of our contests, you get to join our exclusive film funding network at no extra cost. In this community, you'll be repeatedly contacted with independent film funding opportunities.

Learn more about the funding community here.

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Fall 2019 Contests are now closed! Please stay tuned to your email for resutls.

Are you an international applicant without access to a credit or debit card? You can enter with PayPal by clicking the link at the bottom of the entry form.

Need funding for a documentary short film? Enter our documentary contest here.

We also fund documentary short films. Learn more about all of our contests below.