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Get up to $10,000 to produce your short film by writing one sentence.

We gave away $2,000 in our first contest.

We gave away $5,000 in our second contest.

Then we just gave away $7,000.

How much funding will we provide this time?

NEW: if you enter any of our contests, you gain access to our exclusive network of filmmakers who will be contacted with recurring opportunities to get paid creative jobs at no extra cost.


1)ย  weโ€™ll put together funding.

2) we'll send the details about this funding to filmmakers in the network.

3) filmmakers and producers in the network can then pitch their project ideas to us.

So if you enter a contest below and donโ€™t win, you will still receive recurring opportunities to pitch us a project to get funding--both narrative and documentary.

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Why The Film Fund?

Starting out as an independent filmmaker, I found myself struggling to raise financing and find resources for my film projects. It appeared that those who already had industry experience or access to better resources and crew dominated most contests and funding opportunities.

We're providing funding up to $10,000 for short films in a way that's a lot simpler than screenwriting contests, crowdfunding, or applying to grants, because I'm sick of seeing these funding avenues dominated by industry experts.

โ€“ Thomas Verdi, Founder and CEO

Craft and submit one sentence with a compelling premise that also conveys why you need this funding to achieve your vision. Our judges will choose the best one. See examples here, and enter below.

Sentences judged on:

1) Compelling Premise

2) Creative Utilization of Funds

Deadline: December 9th at 11:59 PM EST

Fall 2018 entries now closed! We'll announce the winners within 28 days of the contests' end. Thanks to all of the entrants ๐Ÿ˜€

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