“City of Reptiles 1” by Ten-Headed Skeleton

Check out the short film “City of Reptiles” below, directed by Ten-Headed Skeleton. You can also read a post from L.A. record on the premiere here.

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From the film’s YouTube page:

Humans laugh at funny movies.

Humans laugh when you tell them you saw UFO’s in the sky.

With that said, “City Of Reptiles” has twice the power of comedy.

Would Your Friends Believe You? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12025192/ Sequel Trailer https://youtu.be/HxC5TyoelyU

Part One of a Trilogy City Of Reptiles 1 – (Conspiracy Theory Comedy)

City Of Reptiles 2: A Love Story – (Romantic Comedy)

City Of Reptiles 3: Haunted House – (Horror Comedy)

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