Check out the short film “A CAT AT THE BULBS” below, submitted by Andrew Poole.

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From the film’s Behance page:

Everyone dreams of making a discovery, but when it’s buried in your back yard and there’s a pandemic on, you just have to live or die with it.

This is the story of a couple trying to make the best of a terrible situation and a project in which I performed every production role for lack of a crew during the first UK national lockdown. 

Aside from my partner, Freya whom I live with, I wanted to collaborate with others despite not being able to do so in person, so I enlisted the help of my friends Rosie Colville as the voice of the radio presenter and Tom Greenidge as the voice of the antagonist. I also persuaded my friend and fellow editor Jon Davey to help with some of the VFX work in order to further flesh out the stranger elements of the story. 

I shot the film on the BMPCC6K with the Samyang 35mm and a Sigma 12-24mm wide over a period of a week in July in order to properly utilise the sun at it’s peak (I didn’t have any 5ks!)

Thanks to all those involved in a personal passion project of mine!