Check out the short film “BRASS” below, directed and edited by Anuj Jamadagni.

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From the film’s Vimeo page:

Covid -19 has shaken the world and the US has absorbed some of the worst effects. The city of Los Angeles is constantly suffering and falling prey to an unprecedented economic downfall, a staggering unemployment rate and an unruly political and social unrest, which has only worsened its ongoing homeless crisis. 

Brass is an observation of the lives of those who are treated with little to no value in this society. Lives who are void of basic human rights and needs. They show us a reflection of a broken and failed system, that we believe still holds hope. They remind us of the lost American dream . “A dream deferred”. Ironically, in the City of Dreams.

With limited access to the equipment amid pandemic, my main goal was just to make art. The film follows a non-narrative, fly on the wall approach with a zero budget in making. The film is a voluntary effort to spread the message and help out these homeless Angels.