Check out the Indiegogo campaign and concept trailer below for Davi Pena’s upcoming short film “Eyes of Eidolon,” a haunting story about the opioid crisis.

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From the project’s Indiegogo page:

Plagued with the guilt of feeling responsible for his late wife Amelia’s overdose, Alexander exiles himself into seclusion amongst the confines of a remote lake-house cabin. But when an occult messenger delivers a series of forgotten photos and mementos of his past lover, Alex suspects that something otherworldly may be interfering with his life. Soon he is thrusted into a downward spiral of regret and insanity as a specter of Amelia begins to make her presence known. Tormented by her ghost and overwhelmed with survivors guilt, Alexander must go face to face with his own demons in this surreal psychological horror.


The opioid epidemic has been prevalent in our society for the past couple decades and has cost the lives of millions. We’re using this film as an opportunity to commentate on the issue through the perspective of our lead protagonist, Alexander, as he deals with intense survivor’s guilt.  

Our character falls into nightmarish downward spiral due to a dark past, he can’t escape. A central theme in this film is that you can’t run away from your past and you can’t run away from what haunts you. We all battle with our own inner demons and it’s almost always an uphill battle, one that’s not always won. Alex’s demons stem from the actions of his past and the repercussions they’ve had on him throughout the remainder of his life. Guilt, regret, fear and rage are just a few of the complex emotions this film will delve into.

We find ourselves creating this film with the approach of an expressionist. Instead of paying too much attention to the logic of the film we’ll be focusing more on the films surreal visual language; conveying complex emotions subliminally through visceral and evocative imagery. Alexanders grip on his dark past is the cause for the distorted reality that will be exhibited in the film.