Check out the short film “MUTED” below about mental health, submitted by David Nguyen.

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From the film’s YouTube page:

This short film touches on the topic of mental health. 

It was a film I wanted to create visually, because it was something hard to talk about sometimes. Something I want to shed more light on, in hopes it can reach anyone who feels the same and are struggling. To let them know that everything is okay. Things will get better. And you have help if you need them.

Thank you  Jessica and Sabrina for their amazing performances. Thanks to the crew for helping create this. 


Lucy – Jessica Rose (@jessicarosebowmer)

Abby – Sabrina Knappett (@sabrina_knappett)

Produced, Directed, Written & Edited by – David Nguyen (@david_duc_nguyen)

Assistant Director & Script Supervisor – Melissa DeSousa (@mel.desousa)

Cinematography & Camera Op – Ben Chensee (@benjamin.chensee)

Assistant Camera & Boom Op – Israa Mohammed

BTS Camera Op – Vina Nguyen (@vtbabyyy)

Makeup Artist – Gabrielle Martin (@glamourbygabrielle_)

Production Assistant – Christopher Fernandes (@himynameischri5)