Check out Michael Wooldridge’s short film, “Options,” below.

From his Vimeo page:

“When Avery Ross, the young CEO of a family-run chemical company, is extorted on the eve of the company’s IPO, she is faced with an impossible choice. The blackmailer’s accusations threaten to shatter Dawson Chemicals’ reputation for corporate responsibility that Avery’s father Dean worked so hard to cultivate during his tenure running the company. Dean, and two representatives of the offering bank, come up with a scheme to swiftly “eliminate” the issue. As Avery stands in her father’s old office, still littered with his memorabilia, she must overcome her shock at learning the true nature of the family business and decide whether to give in to her father’s bullying, go along with his plan and do the unthinkable, or defy him and forge her own path forward in opposition to his interests.

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