Check out the short film “Right Where You Left Me” directed by Merced Elizondo below.

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From the film’s Vimeo page:

SYNOPSIS: A few days before their one-year anniversary, Damien is suddenly left to deal with a mountain of unanswered questions after his girlfriend, Olivia, distances herself from their relationship seemingly overnight. In the subsequent months after being “ghosted”, Damien recalls the experience of how he lived past the anxiety of not knowing why his girlfriend inexplicably left him and what it took to put his life back together. Right Where You Left Me is a reflective journey about finding closure for yourself and moving on by accepting the unknown.

STARRING: Jon Weber, Olivia Themudo, Jillian Vitko, Nathan Guerra

Writer/Director: Merced Elizondo
Produced By: Merced Elizondo, Estevan Escobar
Director of Photography: Clint Howard II
Production Designer/Costume Designer: Caitlin Antkowski
Edited By: Travis Lee Ratcliff
Sound Editor/Sound Designer: Morgan Honaker
Music By: Matthew C. Thomas
Colorist: Mark Ragunton


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