Check out crowdfunding campaign video for “Sigrid” below, a short film directed by Nader Yousef. “Sigrid” is a live-action short film about a boy pressuring his robot into joining the phone culture. You can see the campaign here on IndieGogo.

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From the campaign’s IndieGogo page:


We are two brothers – A student and a teacher – coming together to bring you this unique and special film. It’s an exploration of phone and social media abuse through the eyes of a Robot who’s basically just been born.  It’s a live action film, with the Robot being CGI.

Helping us reach our goal is about more than just the entertainment we guarantee you’ll get. It’s about you potentially being one of the reasons our careers are launched.

One of our goals is to bring a style of film that hasn’t really been seen before at film festivals. 

We hope that you’ll come along on this journey with us and even if you can’t donate, please share this if you’d like to at least see a short film you haven’t seen anything like before!