Check out the short film “The Ahiarmiut: Out of the Way Dwellers” below, a short documentary film directed by Louise Abbott from FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting’s Tell Our Stories.

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From the film’s YouTube page:

The story of the Ahiarmiut, an Inuit group in Nunavut that the Canadian government forcibly relocated between 1950 and 1960, through the eyes of Mary (Ayaaq) Anowtalik and David Serkoak, two survivors determined to keep their history alive and receive justice.

Directed by: Louise Abbott

Videography: Louise Abbott, Lance Andersen, Exposed Wildlife Conservancy, Vito DeFilippo

Picture and Sound Editing: Louise Abbott

Online Edit and Sound Mix: Vito DeFilippo

Archival Images: Estate of Fritz Goro, David Serkoak, Geert van den Steenhoven

Production Assistance: May Baker, Dr. Thomas Goreau, Niels Jensen, Norma Jean Kablutsiak, Dr. Igor Krupnik, Dr. Willem Rasing, Tanya Rhodes, Shirley Tagalik, Martine van den Steenhoven

Heartfelt Thanks: Ayaaq (Mary) Anowtalik, David Serkoak

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