Check out the short film “Toni Fitzgerald’s Cult Following” below, written and directed by Felicity Pickering.

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From the film’s YouTube page:

Toni Fitzgerald, a struggling comic, finds acceptance – and a willing audience – in a cult.

Director & Writer – Felicity Pickering

Starring Julia Rorke, Jack Gow, Jennifer Rani, 

Marie McMillan, Paige Hally, Greg Ferris

Producers – Barbara Ings, Harry Reid, Josh Zammit, Felicity Pickering

Cinematographer – Chalotorn Borriraj

Editor – Michael Sugerman

Composer – Strikecast, Grace Huie Robbins

Sound Design – Strikecast, Stevie Burton

Colour Grade – Maggie Sotter

Production Company – Fliction Media