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What is Production Design?

Whether you’re making your first or your tenth film, it’s important to remember that there are various elements that go into making a film, ranging from budget, to themes and plots, to the visual elements of the film. Today, we’re going to focus on production design. According to studiobinder, ‘the […]


Creating a Production Schedule

A film is a machine with many moving parts. In order to function efficiently, or really to function at all, you must run a tight ship. The most important way to do this is to create a production schedule. Creating a production schedule is no trivial task. It requires effort […]

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How Does The Film Fund Work?

Getting funding for your film can be a very frustrating process. Relying on traditional funding platforms like screenwriting contests, grant applications, and crowdfunding campaigns on websites like Kickstarter can be a time-consuming ordeal. That’s where The Film Fund comes in. When you’re trying to get funding from The Film Fund, […]


Who You Need On Your Production Team

The film-making process is a machine with many running parts. If you want to successfully make a film, you will need a great film production team. Organization is the key to success. If your crew is large enough, you’re going to want to split it up into departments. These different […]

film lighting tips
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Film Lighting Tips & Tricks

“To really understand light and be able to light, you have to understand how it makes you feel.” – Roger Deakins Roger Deakins, a renowned cinematographer, credited for movies such as 1917 and Blade Runner 2049, argues that the image stored in your head is more important than traditional film […]


How To Properly Pitch To Film Investors

Every aspiring filmmaker and writer dreams of making it — whether it’s moving to LA, making million-dollar movie deals, meeting big industry names, winning major awards, etc. Oftentimes, what comes between the artist and their dream is a simple movie pitch. You never know when opportunity knocks on your door, […]

how to get film insurance

What You Need To Know About Film Insurance

Something we’ve all learned from life, filmmaking aside, is that things don’t always go as planned. No matter how much we prepare or think we’re ready, something may take an unexpected turn. Accidents happen. We get it, and so does film insurance.  Ask any experienced filmmaker or film producer and they’ll […]