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How to Find Cast and Crew the film fund

How to Find Cast and Crew

When producing a movie, it is crucial that you find the cast and crew most well suited for your film.  The most professional way of going about this would be by contacting an agency, but this could be a little bit difficult if you are an up and coming independent […]

what is a best boy the film fund

What is a Best Boy on a Film Set?

If you’re beginning to produce your own film but realizing it takes more hands on deck than you originally thought, you should probably think about bringing a best boy onto your set. I know one of your first thoughts is probably one regarding your budget: where does another set of […]

Women filming a group of people the film fund

Do I Really Need Film Insurance?

Something that can easily be overlooked when producing your own film is the acquisition of film insurance.  Whether you’re too excited and want to immediately get started on your project or you simply don’t know that you should acquire film insurance, it is crucial that you do your research and […]

What Role Does a Producer Play the film fund

What Role Does a Producer Play?

Producers play an imperative role in your film, especially during the pre-production stages, but it’s important to remember what they do during production as well. If you’re eager to work with a producer, but unsure what exactly that will entail, be sure to check out our contests for the opportunity […]