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Who You Need On Your Production Team

The film-making process is a machine with many running parts. If you want to successfully make a film, you will need a great film production team. Organization is the key to success. If your crew is large enough, you’re going to want to split it up into departments. These different […]

film lighting tips
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Film Lighting Tips & Tricks

“To really understand light and be able to light, you have to understand how it makes you feel.” – Roger Deakins Roger Deakins, a renowned cinematographer, credited for movies such as 1917 and Blade Runner 2049, argues that the image stored in your head is more important than traditional film […]

how to get film insurance

What You Need To Know About Film Insurance

Something we’ve all learned from life, filmmaking aside, is that things don’t always go as planned. No matter how much we prepare or think we’re ready, something may take an unexpected turn. Accidents happen. We get it, and so does film insurance.  Ask any experienced filmmaker or film producer and they’ll […]


How To Maximize Budgets As A Film Producer

Being a producer means putting together a project and seeing that project through to completion. It boils down to hiring the director to execute their vision, and then supporting the director along the way. Whether you’re producing a short film, feature film, or corporate video, the producer really has one […]