The Film Fund Podcast
The Film Fund Podcast
The Film Fund Podcast: Auggy Kim

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Welcome to The Film Fund Podcast. In this week’s episode, we have Auggy Kim from Expressway Cinema Rentals.

Auggy talks about what Expressway Cinema Rentals does, their association and sponsorship with The Film Fund, and advice he has for other aspiring filmmakers. Tune in for an in-depth discussion that provides some great insights for filmmakers who are currently working on their own projects.

Hosted by: Thomas Verdi

The Film Fund Podcast: Colleen Brady
The Film Fund Podcast: Colleen Brady

Directed by: Thomas Verdi

Written by: Thomas Ranieri

Executive Producer: Thomas Verdi

Producer: Thomas Ranieri

Music: Equinox by Purrple Cat | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported…


  1. Great insight on when and what to rent instead of purchasing. Thank you!

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