Check out the teaser video for “Dougie Dog,” a short film from producer/director Tabatha Golat and producer Montgomery Burt.

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From the film’s page on The Film Collaborative:

Dougie Dog had a wonderful home with a loving owner but now he’s stuck in canine jail and doesn’t deserve it. (Jackson, his former owner, was evicted and couldn’t find an apartment allowing pets.) In a daring bid for freedom, Dougie manages to escape from the shelter.

Now outside, he wanders the city streets, looking for Jackson but he can’t find him at any of their usual hang-outs. When he turns up at their former home, the apartment building is being torn down to make way for new condos. The animal shelter staff find Dougie alone, huddled under some stairs and they return him to the shelter.

Once he realizes Jackson is not coming back for him, Dougie aims for a new home. He tries to show one adoptive family his canine skills but he’s too enthusiastic for his own good and makes a very poor impression. Bad dog!

While behind bars, Dougie makes friends with three other canines—Kirby, Maxine, and Roscoe—as they teach him the ropes and help him adapt to prison life.

Dougie must also confront a problem all animals face in captivity—boredom. He was once enjoying time with his owner but now Dougie is staring at four grey walls all day. It’s tough and he sees how going kennel crazy is a very real possibility. He strengthens his resolve to stay emotionally strong.

Finally, Dougie gets a chance with another family and despite temptations, he remains calm and presents himself well. The young couple decide he’s the one for them and he gets a forever home. It’s been an ordeal for Dougie but he learned to go from being a stressed shelter dog to the newest member of a loving family. Two paws up!