Explore Denise Papas Meechan’s portfolio here, and watch her trailer for “Freckles” below.

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From Meechan’s portfolio:

Film is an art confined only by our imagination, and I believe imagination is the most important characteristic of any human being. That is why the creation of film/TV defines my life. Throughout my ten years as a writer, director and producer, I always have strived to represent all voices and create stories from the POV of adverse and interesting characters. I am a member of Producer’s Guild of America [PGA].
My first short film, “Freckles”, a narrative exploration of the damaging effects cultural beauty standards have on one lonely woman, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.  Read more aboutt Freckles here
Whilst at the Cannes Film Festival, I was selected to participate in the “Diversity in Cannes” panel to spearhead ideas to make the industry more inclusive for underrepresented filmmakers.  As a film critic for an Indiependent women’s filmmaker site and brand ambassdor for The Director List, I help promote the profile of women working in the industry. I believe in diversity. I believe everyone has a right to tell their own story. I believe the script is the most important part of any project. And I believe everything is in the subtext.
I am a seasoned director, producer and writer with experience in scripted and reality television as well as narrative film and online marketing videos. I  moderate screenplays for the NYC Screenwriters Collective where I teach the importance of gripping story and rich, varied characters    

My work at the cult hit show “Subway Q&A” garnered an emmy award and I created channel brands “Full Frontal Fashion” and “Fashion Police.”