Check out the trailer for the film Spiritual Healing: A New Frontier in Medicine below, produced by Dena Barnett.

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From the film’s website:

“Spiritual Healing: A New Frontier in Medicine” explores a human ability that is ancient, and which has resurfaced through the lens of modern science.

Producer Dena Barnett’s documentary takes us on a personal and scientific journey across Europe and America where we discover the role of consciousness in healing, and how it will transform modern medicine.

Dena Barnett is a former teacher and was a long-term caregiver for her late father. Her personal journey in healing began the day she met a healer for the first time, as well as her Father’s suggestion that she trace her great grandfather’s burial site.

There are very few great tsaddikim or Hasidic spiritual leaders buried in England. It is a rare thing, but there are people who have witnessed healing miracles in this particular cemetery.

At the gravesite belonging to a prestigious Rumanian Rabbi, she witnessed hundreds of people praying in and around his tomb. She was intrigued. These ‘pilgrims’ had traveled across the world in search of one man’s holy compassion.

She wasn’t aware of this at the time, but she had witnessed the profound act of spiritual healing: Tsaddick worship, one of the most intriguing contemporary practices of worship in the 21st century.

Curious to know more, Dena was inspired to start an investigation into the role that healing and consciousness play within science and medicine.