Check out the crowdfunding campaign for Kody Cunningham’s upcoming film, What We Always Wanted, and watch the video below.

From the crowdfunding campaign:

“Scout, the best spoken-word poet in her 8th-grade class, begins having panic attacks on stage. Her older sister Farryn has no idea what she wants to do when she graduates next year. Isaac, the girl’s cousin and a failed artist, has to find a way to cover his roommate’s share of the rent in the next three days.

When Scout and Farryn’s parents must leave for the weekend to try to salvage their marriage, Isaac must step in to chaperone. Over the weekend, the trio must come together to become the people they want to be, before reality catches up with them.”

In his director’s statement, Cunningham says “I wrote this film for the people who think they’re on the wrong path – who are stifled by a fear of failure – The people who’ve lost their passion and for the ones who have never found it. My hope is for this film to give comfort to these anxieties.”