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A camera used for filmmaking mounted on a tripod.
July 3, 2024

Killer Tips to Keep Your Filmmaking Equipment in the Best Shape Possible

Imagine this: you’re on set, ready to shoot a pivotal scene in your indie film, but just as you’re about to roll,…

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dslr canon eos film school the film fund independent film
February 3, 2022

Tips for Student Filmmakers: Making Your First Short Film

Content provided by our partner, Rosalyn Woods. Go ahead, celebrate. You just got the news you were accepted as a film major…

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the film fund podcast
November 12, 2020

Introducing The Film Fund Podcast

The Film Fund is proud to announce the start of an all-new podcast, The Film Fund Podcast! Hosted by The Film Fund’s Executive Producer, Thomas Verdi, this video and audio experience will take a deeper dive into some of the amazing things going on at The Film Fund….

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