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Introducing The Film Fund Podcast

Watch The First Episode Now!

The Film Fund is proud to announce the start of an all-new podcast, The Film Fund Podcast! Hosted by The Film Fund’s Executive Producer, Thomas Verdi, this video and audio experience will take a deeper dive into some of the amazing things going on at The Film Fund.

Starting Friday, November 12th, 2020, The Film Fund Podcast will bring you new episodes every Friday. The episodes will be jam-packed with in-depth and insightful discussions with amazing filmmakers, film festival judges, some of The Film Fund’s previous winners, incredible sponsors, and more!

Our Guests

The Film Fund is lining up some incredibly impressive guests to feature on The Film Fund Podcast. With a wide range of experience and expertise, these conversations will be a must-watch (or listen) for any aspiring filmmakers.

Former Winners

The Film Fund has had some ultra-talented, award-winning filmmakers that have produced their short film in partnership with The Film Fund. Featuring Filmmakers from Americano, Sunday Dinner, I Love Jazz, Treehouse, and more! We will talk about their projects, how they got started in the industry, and the awesome stories they have from their time producing incredible films.

Check Out Some Of The Previous Winners

Sponsors & Partners

The Film Fund works with many different companies that specialize in helping filmmakers bring their visions to life. We are proud of our Sponsors and Partnerships and the incredible ways they can help filmmakers produce their films. Featuring incredible conversations with our friends at KitSplit, Maestro Filmworks, Philly Film Commission, BingeWave, and many more! Tune in to see how these tools can help make you a better filmmaker.


The Film Fund has relationships with many film festivals across the country. We will feature conversations with many different film judges, including our own here at The Film Fund! Tune in to see some tips for what judges are looking for when they are judging your film.

Learn More About The Film Fund’s Judges

About The Film Fund

The Film Fund serves as an alternative to film industry funding platforms such as screenwriting contests, time-intensive grant applications, and crowdfunding campaigns found on websites such as Kickstarter.

Any film funding opportunity can be a great way to fund your project, but some require more time and effort than others, and the criteria of these other funding avenues aren’t always straightforward. They could be biased, as a lot of grants favor a particular demographic or background.

That is why The Film Fund was created. We give filmmakers an opportunity to win up to $10,000 to produce their short film. We’ve been featured in Sundance Institute’s Inclusion Resource Map as a resource for underrepresented communities. Our entire platform is designed not to discriminate. We judge solely based on the quality of the submitted entries themselves.

Learn More About The Film Fund

Don’t Forget To Tune In!

The Film Fund will be releasing new episodes every Friday on any platform where you listen to podcasts. We will also have a video version of the podcast featured on our website, as well as on YouTube! If you are interested in entering one of our Funding Contests, don’t hesitate! The current Fall 2020 Funding Contests are available until December 8th. You could win up to $10,000 to produce your narrative film, documentary, or music video.

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