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Discover The New Wellsboro Film Festival: Where Cinema Meets Small-Town Charm

If you’re looking for a fresh, exciting platform to showcase your creative work, we have fantastic news for you. Introducing Wellsboro Film Festival, a brand-new event dedicated to celebrating the art of independent filmmaking. Nestled in the picturesque, small town of Wellsboro, PA, this festival hopes to deliver not only a fantastic backdrop but also a supportive and vibrant community of fellow film enthusiasts.

Wellsboro Film Festival is an opportunity to connect, inspire, and be inspired. Whether you’re a seasoned director or a budding filmmaker, this festival offers a welcoming space to share your stories and gain recognition. With a variety of events and awards, there’s something for everyone, making it the perfect stage for your upcoming big project. Get ready to immerse yourself in a weekend of films, fun, and unforgettable experiences. Mark the calendars: February 21st-23rd, 2025!

The Founding

A scenic shot of a busy street in Wellsboro, PA.

Founded by collaborating filmmakers who first worked together at their boring corporate video jobs, Thomas Smith and Thomas Verdi want to help others bring their stories to the screen. Having attended many film festivals, they’ve learned that some festivals care about their filmmakers’ experience, and others simply see them as numbers or dollar signs. That’s why Thomas and Thomas, alongside Kerim Duran, are going the extra mile to make Wellsboro Film Festival not just about the films, but about the entire filmmaker experience.

At Wellsboro Film Festival, every accepted filmmaker will enjoy two nights’ lodging at the historic Penn Wells Hotel. All accepted films will be screened at the Arcadia Theatre, located right next to the hotel. Wellsboro, PA, with its quaint main street, embodies the essence of small-town USA — literally — as it served as the setting for the Hallmark movie Christmas Comes Twice and comes with its very own Grand Canyon.

The Three-Day Itinerary

The Penn Wells Hotel in Wellsboro, PA.

Prepare yourself for three days of a unique experience made for filmmakers, by filmmakers. On Friday, February 21st, we will have the opening night screening at the Arcadia Theatre followed by a meet-and-greet at the lounge located inside of the Penn Wells Hotel. This is your chance to get to know your fellow filmmakers and the festival staff! On Saturday, February 22nd, we will host screenings at the Arcadia Theatre along with a panel discussion. Stay tuned for the detailed screening schedule once we announce the official selections! Lastly, on Sunday, February 23rd, we will have the awards ceremony at The Mary Wells Dining Room followed by farewell drinks at the Penn Wells Lounge.

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Don’t Miss Out!

Save the date and come on out to the picturesque little town of Wellsboro for this up-and-coming festival! Three exciting days catered just for fellow filmmakers with screenings, networking, drinks, awards, and more! And don’t forget, if you are looking to enter your film you can use the promo code TFF20 for 20%. Don’t wait! Don’t hesitate! This could be the chance that you’ve been looking for.

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