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We analyzed how three micro-budget independent films became mainstream motion pictures

There’s no denying the impact that low-budget and short films have on cinema today. Low-budget and short filmmaking have been shaping movie trends and starting careers for generations. Though they’re less glamorous and publicized than big blockbusters are, they can be just as successful. Take Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, for […]

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Film Festivals

How to make a film that’s festival-worthy

The festival process can be excruciating. Entry fees, ticket prices, screening blocks that are less than ideal. They can fun, too, and they’re still the marker of what the world considers a quality independent film–although that’s starting to change with the rise of online platforms. How do independent filmmakers create […]

Film Festivals

FF-produced “AMERICANO” indie film nominated for FIVE festival awards at FirstGlance Film Festival (so far)!

UPDATE: “AMERICANO” has won Best Editing at FirstGlance Film Festival, a premier independent film festival in Philadelphia. “AMERICANO”—a short film written and directed by The Film Fund’s first winner, Tim Viola—has not only been selected to screen at FirstGlance Film Festival in Philadelphia, it has also garnered FIVE award nominations! […]