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film lighting tips
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Film Lighting Tips & Tricks

“To really understand light and be able to light, you have to understand how it makes you feel.” – Roger Deakins Roger Deakins, a renowned cinematographer, credited for movies such as 1917 and Blade Runner 2049, argues that the image stored in your head is more important than traditional film […]


How To Properly Pitch To Film Investors

Every aspiring filmmaker and writer dreams of making it — whether it’s moving to LA, making million-dollar movie deals, meeting big industry names, winning major awards, etc. Oftentimes, what comes between the artist and their dream is a simple movie pitch. You never know when opportunity knocks on your door, […]

how to get film insurance

What You Need To Know About Film Insurance

Something we’ve all learned from life, filmmaking aside, is that things don’t always go as planned. No matter how much we prepare or think we’re ready, something may take an unexpected turn. Accidents happen. We get it, and so does film insurance.  Ask any experienced filmmaker or film producer and they’ll […]

film production

How To Cut Costs For Your Film Production

Creating a budget for a film production is one thing, but staying within budget and keeping costs down is another. Many filmmakers, of all experience levels, recount times when they wanted to pull their hair out during production — whether because they weren’t fully prepared, unexpected issues arose, or certain […]

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How To Assemble A Film Crew

Filmmaking is never a one-man job. It’s an endeavor that requires several passionate, hard-working, and determined individuals set on making a great film.  If you’re a producer — whether for a low budget short film or a large scale feature — it’s your job to construct a solid crew of […]